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“They both listened silently to the water, which to them was not just water, but the voice of life, the voice of Being, the voice of perpetual Becoming.”

― Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha


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“It’s hard to get the point across to many people in the U.S. that the earth makes water. We can access it and solve our problems. Clean, virtually infinite sources of water are right below our feet.”


Primary Water (PW) is Earth-generated water. In other words, it is Spring water before it has sprung! When conditions are right oxygen combines with hydrogen to make new water. This water is being pushed up under great pressure from deep within the Earth. It finds its way towards the surface of the Earth where there are fissures or faults.  Depending on the geology, PW can be close to the surface, or even flow out as a spring. PW is also known as new water, deep-seated water, magmatic or juvenile water.

And there are actually vast supplies of Primary Water beneath us waiting to be tapped from the rocky faults and fissures that keep this water contained and separate from general ground-water sources. Due to this fact, Primary Water wells do not "steal water" from other sources, are free from bacteria, and have proven to be environmentally beneficial in many other areas of the world. When cracks develop in these rocks over time, Primary Water also flows out on it's own and supplements ground-water supplies. This is how springs and geysers are formed.


Primary Water is the solution to the many water woes the world is currently facing. And it is with hope and love for ALL life that this message of Primary Water is shared. May all who come to this project be enlightened and encouraged by the Truth about the abundant & constantly creative power of nature. There are no real water shortages, but because primary water has been suppressed, most are unaware of it's existence. Please help us spread the word and share the good news about the vast supplies of earth-generated water available to all!

OUR PRIMARY WATER INTRODUCTION ARTICLE: Primary Water Can Solve the World's Water Crisis 



LOOKING FOR WATER? Primary Water Pioneer, Stephen Riess, found water where no one else could. He simply combined his mining experience with his sharp observations skills and intuition. Below on this page, you will find a link to a highly recommended book that talks about the methods Riess used: Water For A Thirsty World by Michael Salzman. Rocks, plants, and the overall landscape play prominent roles in the world of Primary Water Locating. There are also some great articles on Riess's methods in The Primary Water Magazine which we have linked below as well. You too can learn Riess's method if you study this information and apply yourself!

Here also is our Directory of Primary Water Locators, Dowsers, & Devices

Considering a Well Drill? Check out our page about Primary Water Drilling

How to Supplement Your City or Town's Water Supplies with Primary Water

In addition, is a growing database of cold and hot springs






The Myth of "Fossil Fuels" & "Clean Nuclear Energy"





"Thanks to the arrival of the Science of Primary Water it is now possible to literally 'green' deserts, reversing desertification, turning these arid areas into lush, food producing regions, fit for new eco-cities to be established, in harmony with the living land that provides an abundance of primary, earth generated water, from the very mantle of our world. 

The Primary Water Institute is a work in progress, and is in need of support, in our quest to become established as a place where interns, from many nations, can come to learn how to use new technologies to detect primary water beneath the surface, at depth, and how to use the drilling equipment to reach it, and to set up pumps to bring the water to the surface for storage, and use. 

We know that many nations, including our own, are threatened with water shortages in food growing regions, in urban as well as rural areas.   Drought is now possible to be defeated with thousands of primary water wells, distributed across many regions, in many nations, where it is needed to end thirst."



It's actually not gravity that makes

water flow down - it's simply meeting

that water's pressure condition.

Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 11-05-12 4773c2_6232ff473c4d41ef988cedeab337bb23 pdf.png
Screenshot 2022-01-27 at 11-05-39 4773c2_6232ff473c4d41ef988cedeab337bb23 pdf.png


Need help finding an ideal area to drill a

gusher of a well? Mark from Primary Water Techologies can help! He has located many

highly productive primary water wells

throughout the world and been on site for

numerous drills as well. Learn more by

checking out his website below!

Excerpts from NEW WATER FOR A THIRSTY WORLD by Michael Salzman

This 211 page paperback book, inspired by Stephen Riess, demonstrates how Primary Water can benefit all aspects of our world. It was forced out of print but is still listed on Amazon for $948.04 & is unavailable. Thankfully, you can read it here:


"This book had its inspiration in the demonstrated discovery by Stephan Riess that fresh, potable water flowing in deep-seated solid rock fissures could be scientifically located from the surface of the earth, and economically intercepted by drilling through the hard, impermeable rocks so as to constitute an abundant water supply which heretofore has been virtually neglected. This initial inspiration has been refueled repeatedly by the adventure of discovering more and more evidence, already in the literature but dispersed throughout many fields of specialization, that support his basic concept. In the words of Rene Descartes: "If anyone wishes to search out the truth of things in earnest, he should not select any one special science; for all the sciences are conjoined with each other and interdependent.


The more science learns the more deeply it realizes its "staggering and overwhelming" ignorance. Those who refuse to even look beyond the hydrologic cycle theory, in the light of Riess' demonstrations, are lost to science. Furthermore, traditionally accepted theories have been overthrown many times.  Geikie [1], who had traced its growth, said that geology, more so than any other branch of natural knowledge, lies invitingly open to those who are willing to train their faculty of observation in the field, and to discipline their minds by patiently correlating facts and fearlessly dissecting theories...


Reproducibility has been a basic tenet of science. Both Nordenskiold and Riess, widely separated in both geography and time, have each independently demonstrated that fresh, potable water could be scientifically located and intercepted as it flowed through fissures in the solid rock and that this economical water supply, independent of local rates of precipitation, could help solve the water shortage problems confronting the world. The question of the origin of these waters gets us deep into the theories of the genesis of all the waters on the earth's surface. A tremendous body of geologic and other evidence supports the theory that the waters on the surface of the earth have come from within the interior of the earth throughout geologic time and that this process continues today...


Under contract with the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District, Riess had been asked to give the Yucaipa area his early attention even though he was not optimistic about being able to locate wells of large production in that area. He believed that other areas in the district would be far more productive, but, because of pressures by the District, Riess located a well on the old Webster Ranch at Yucaipa. This most recent demonstration was reported in the San Bernardino (Calif.) Sun-Telegram on January 24, 1960. Preliminary testing indicates a flow of about 850 gallons per minute which may increase after proper development of the well. As pumping continues, the fissure, in cleaning itself out, has disgorged very large amounts of coarse grained, broken rock with completely oxidized particles, highly mineralized hematite, sulphite, pyrite, and some free gold. The water is neither acid nor alkaline, having a pH
of 7, which attests to its flowing character, and a temperature of67° Fahrenheit...


This book should be of value to everyone interested in the water problem, and especially to those scientists, technicians, governmental officials, legislators, students, and taxpayers who are concerned with:

1. The increasing cost of municipal water supplies.
2. Health, and water pollution problems.
3. The world problem of food and water shortages.
4. The development of arid areas of the world.
5. Economic development and the extraction of mineral wealth
heretofore untapped because of insufficient water supplies.
6. Industrial plant location; industrial decentralization;

community and city planning.
7. Afforestation, reforestation, and conservation.
8. Potable, non-contaminable water supplies for civil and military
defense, and the operation of our industrial plant facilities.

(*Note from Editor: Primary Water could serve as a lifesaver at nuclear 

plants; an important preventative measure to avoid meltdown.A
pound of water in a cooling system increases its own temperature
by only one degree in the process of lowering the temperature of
a pound of steel by ten degrees. Most of the water used by industry is

for cooling purposes, for water has an amazingly high capacity for heat.)
9. The sociology of knowledge.
If we, as a nation, are to assure the continuance of our prized
value systems, we must recognize the value of an open mind for:

"The spirit of science is to set men free — free of

superstitions, of chains, of slogans and of dogma..."



Back to the Garden

Now is the time to become more self reliant by growing our own food. You can do this in any climate and it's easier than you think when certain methods are employed. 


"As challenges continue to escalate across our planet, we continue working to keep the vital truth-momentum growing in human consciousness: an organic whole-food, plant-based way of eating and living based on respect for all living beings is the essential foundation of a world of abundance, freedom, justice, and harmony for all of us."

~ Dr. Will Tuttle,

However, we see no point in judging people harshly for their current choices. That is not what we are about. We all advance and evolve uniquely and to each their own. We simply are guiding those ready to be fully liberated in the direction of more peaceful lives & higher states of consciousness. 

"As Thoreau said, 'There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.' Our culture’s routine mistreatment of millions of animals is an ongoing and unnecessary source of suffering for them that also boomerangs in countless ways into our lives as well. 

Everything inevitably flows, it seems, from our daily practice of living, and the seeds we sow in our actions...


There is no way to overstate the magnitude of the collective spiritual transformation that will occur when we shift from a food of violent oppression to a food of gentleness and compassion."

~ Dr. Will Tuttle,



"When we make other animals into 'livestock', we unfortunately become 'livestock' ourselves." 

~ Dr. Will Tuttle,


"Our compassion can be weaponized against us to serve the nefarious agendas of the plutocrats who control governments and media narratives. It behooves us to question everything, and to make diligent efforts to understand what is actually going on behind the deceptive facades erected on pretexts of caring..."

Less Pride and Greed, More Humility and Charity


Understanding how our earth generates primary water requires a complete paradigm shift away from the dogma of mainstream science and it's limiting understanding that all water on this planet comes from above. It's clear that true to nature understandings of the forces of Creation are needed.  Fortunately, we have this thanks to Dr. Walter Russell, who developed the Russell Cosmogeny, also known as The Science of Tomorrow.  This is a complete, consistent and workable plan of Creation which is based upon the equality of the two electric forces created by the division of the Universal Equilibrium into pairs of opposite pressure conditions which manifest their opposition in wave cycles as shown in the below chart drawn by Russel himself:   


"To know the mechanics of the wave, is to know the entire secret of creation." ~ Walter Russell


Nikola Tesla’s Electrifying Discovery of Standing Waves Was Also Illuminated to Walter Russell

"All around us, a great energetic potential exists which is something that Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell both understood clearly.

Tesla and Russell were friends who supported each other’s work and occasionally shared correspondence, but they did not directly work together. It’s interesting they both made this discovery around the same time, and in very different ways...." Continue Reading here





Here is a video of a letter about primary water from Walter Russell being read to Stephen Riess, the geophysicist who independently discovered its existence and pioneered its development, beginning in the 1930s until his death in December 1985. Below the video, you will find the transcript of the letter which Riess was quite grateful for. In the video, we hear Riess continually affirm that what Russell says about water and other elements is indeed true. Riess had come to the same conclusions and made the same observations, but because English is his second language, he did not have the words to express is as succinctly as Russell does.

Walter Russell's Transcript from above video:


"Hold onto this man[Riess] and believe on him. Do not make the mistake of so many who call great visionaries 'fantastic dreamers'. He really visions ahead as to what is to come. Though he may be working in the dark of how God put untold quantities of water into untold quantities of dry, hot, greatly compressed minerals which all new born planets are.

I have full knowledge of the hundred other miracles of matter transformation which science has not yet dreamed of  because there is a whole world of new knowledge tied up in the 4 space octaves below hydrogen that science has not yet acknowledged the presence of, even though I have charted them distinctly and

shown proof of their existence. Your solution of your water problem lies within the 4 space octaves. I again charted them in the new book and told more of them than I have ever done before, and carefully copyrighted all I have said for future protection. But I can say but little for science resists me as though I do not exist.

Once again if you mention the word snow to  the average man, he will think of it as frozen rain. He could not possibly think of it as a metal as I do, just as I know it can become by greater freezing. Snow crystals are hexagonal in their crystal structure. I could point out to you many metals which are but frozen snow crystals.

Nature will release that water in great quantities a trillion years from now when this planet gets out where Jupiter now is.  But if you know the way nature

does it, you can do it for you have the same planet and the same tools.

Your chemist has the seed of the idea or he would have never used that phrase 'water which is not yet born'; nor would he have used the word 'primary water', nor would he have stated that primary water was water which was on its way to rock crystals if he had not had a flash of cosmic vision. The one mistake of that last phrase is what he terms 'primary water' is not on it's way to rock crystals but from them. For you to see gloriously and fully in what you are doing that flash of vision of your chemist is not enough, you need the knowledge of the constitution of water and how it is born and what is the seed of it from which it is born.

Our atmosphere was all hydrogen long ago . There was no oxygen in it. Water had not been born. Wetness was not yet in the planet or its atmosphere. There was  not but dryness and the heat of vast compression. There were no rock crystals. If you would know more of what I mean, subject some rock crystals weighing two ounces to the heat of an electric furnace. You will find about a fifth of an ounce of grey powder left as a residue. If you examine this under a microscope you will find that it is devoid of any crystal structure whatsoever.

Water is a product of your body and the forests of the earth are endless repetitive products. Water has many stages of growth. The 'primary water' you speak of is of a secondary state. The water we drink is a third state and the heavy water which Urey found is a fourth state and there are others all of which have been extruded from the planet as your body and mine have been extruded, or should we say 'born'. And all must be returned to the planet as rains return for rebirth or as your body and mine must be returned to it as death on its way to rebirth.

If you mention the word ice to any man he thinks of it as frozen water or water which has taken on a crystalline form of hexagonal shapes and structure. That same man would not think of a granite rock as ice, but I think your chemist does. And that is what it is. But it will not melt at 33 degrees nor will its structure and design be hexagonal. It will be cubed instead for it is heavier water frozen more solidly. Nature will release that water in great quantities."

“At no time is water static. It is constantly changing form. It is either a liquid or gas, or it is bound up in crystalline form in rocks and minerals. The cycle of gas to liquid to crystal is repeated over and over. Oxygen and hydrogen combine under the electromechanical forces of the earth to form liquid water. Not only is water being constantly formed within the earth, but also rocks, minerals, and oil. What I seek is water in its liquid state.” ~Stephan Riess (1898 - 1985)




“Research undertaken by Stephan Riess in 1934 showed enormous quantities of virgin water could be obtained from crystalline rocks. This involved a combination of geothermal heat and a process known as 'triboluminescence', a glow which electrons in the rocks discharge as a result of friction or violent
pressure, that can actually release oxygen and hydrogen gases in certain ore-bearing rocks. This process, called cold oxidation, can form virgin or primary water. Riess was able to tap straight into formations of hard desert rock of the right composition and produce as much as 8,000 liters per minute.”


Quartz crystals EXPLODING with LIGHT - Triboluminescence:




Planet Earth Makes its Own Water From Scratch Deep in the Mantle

"Our planet may be blue from the inside out. Earth’s huge store of water might have originated via chemical reactions in the mantle, rather than arriving from space through collisions with ice-rich comets.

This new water may be under such pressure that it can trigger earthquakes hundreds of kilometres below Earth’s surface – tremors whose origins have so far remained unexplained."



"The present invention relates to a method for electrochemical purification of an aqueous solution comprising the steps of: providing a cathode and an anode to an aqueous solution, wherein said aqueous solution comprises soluble ions of at least one toxic heavy metal and wherein said cathode comprises an outer surface, which outer surface comprises a noble metal; applying an absolute potential to said cathode and wherein said absolute potential of said cathode drives the formation of an alloy comprising said noble metal and said at least one toxic heavy metal."


The Periodic Table of Light

"Light is the primary effect of causality. Light is exerted by Mind upon the conscious field and produces vibratory pressures thereupon. Human beings perceive these pressures as vibrations of light oscillating in empty space. Our eyes perceive a slim band of these frequencies as visible light which Mind translates into the human experience of sight. In this way, the effect, born of the primary, mind-ignited cause manifests visibly to the range of human experience. Many frequencies of light exist which are beyond our ability to sense directly. Certain ranges can harm the physical body, while others may soothe or heal it, and still others can have altering effects on states of consciousness."

"Elements are but different conditions of light pressures. They are the raw materials for the fashioning of Creation's images in the patterns controlled by light waves." ~ Walter Russell

Compression and Metastability of the Amphibole Tremolite to High Pressures and Temperatures through Raman Spectroscopy:

"Amphiboles, which contain up to 2 wt% water in the form of hydroxyl units, contribute significantly to the transport of water to the deep lithosphere and upper mantle in subduction zones, where dehydration reactions make the water available for metasomatic processes and flux melting in the overlying mantle wedge..."

New Water Source Could Solve Drought Crisis

"Tapping into local deep water sources not only can help ease pressures on debt-strapped public treasuries but can bypass the Water Barons and relieve territorial tensions over water rights. Water sovereignty is a critical prerequisite to food sovereignty and to national and regional independence..."

Water for a thirsty world: Lessons from a maverick

"“Primary water” is the term used today to talk about water that is not part of the hydrological cycle, but rather forms deep within the earth and flows through impermeable rocks. Riess did not coin the term, but he spent his adult life proving its existence and drilling for it..."

Primary Water: A Solution to Drought, Famine and Social Unrest?

"Just the same, the drilling of primary water is not as widespread as it should be, especially when we acknowledge the looming water crisis facing the world. This may be intentional when we take into account that scarcity in and of itself can be a powerful tool in controlling populations, creating social discord and amassing wealth for a chosen few..."

The Arizona Hydro-Crater

"The Arizona crater has been considered the example of impact craters for over half a century.  It may seem preposterous to challenge such a long-held and universally accepted tenet; that the Arizona Crater is an impact crater. Nevertheless, the UM does make this challenge, and for good reason! The UM introduces numerous empirical evidences that will confirm that there was no impact and that the crater was formed by a steam explosion. This discovery will radically change how modern science views cratering processes on the Earth and elsewhere..."

The Novel Magnecular Species of Hydrogen and Increased Specific Weight and Energy Content


"By comparison, the exact usage of quantum axioms still misses 2% of binding energies, with much greater departures from experimental data regarding electric and magnetic moments, and other molecular features..."

Electrically Expanded Water & Brown's Gas

"The special imploding high energy reaction could be tapping unknown effects, explaining some other effects of Brown’s Gas, like its ability to make clean laser-like holes in wood, metal and ceramics. As well as the capability of changing temperature when applied to different materials..."



How it worsens drought conditions and prevents Primary Water from being released:

"The real fallacy of nuclear fission for industry is that these so-called deadly poisonous gases from the radioactive elements in reactors is that they are not poisonous in their own environment underground, where they are serving a necessary purpose of helping to make it possible for organic life to live up the planet. Man makes them poisonous by removing them from purposeful environment to place them in an abnormal environment unsuited to their normal environment.

Animal and vegetable life are dependent upon the upper few feet of the earth's crust to live. The soil must have humus, nitrogen carbonic gas, oxygen and water.


These so-called deadly radioactive poisons are preparing the soil for oxygen dependent life to live causing countless billions of microscopic explosions in the rock formations underground to release water and other necessities for human life and vegetation. 


This is all GOOD. In their proper place in Nature, they are fulfilling their necessary useful purposes. They are vitally necessary where they are. They are of benefit to man when underground or distributed in rocks. It is only when we dig them out from under the ground and condense tons of harmless rock to ounces of deadly free metal, such as uranium piles, that we make earth uninhabitable for man." 


~ Dr. Walter Russell, Atomic Suicide



The Power of BROWN'S GAS

Neutralization of Radioactivity Could Be Even Greater Through the use of Primary Water

Brown's Gas : stoichometric H-H-O from electrolyzed water.

The late former New York Assemblyman Dan Haley ( and numerous others ) witnessed a demonstration of Brown's Gas vs radioactive material in which the emissions were reduced to 0.04% within a few minutes:

The Hon. Bedell has reported, "it has been my good pleasure to witness experiments done by Prof. Yull Brown in which it appeared to me that he significantly reduced the radioactivity in several nuclear materials.  Under the circumstances, I believe it is very important for our federal government to completely investigate  Dr. Yull Brown's accomplishments in this area.




Are you considering veganism? Check out our Plant-Based Promotions page to learn about all the amazing health benefits!




Below is another chart drawn by Walter Russell (WR) as well. If you take the time to study this, along with the chart on our page about Gravity, and WR New Laws of Thermodynamics below, you will understand how and why our earth is in a constant process of elemental creation and dissolution that happen in cycles that birth one another.  To view WR Chart of Elements, click here. For more expanded views of the same WR Chart of Elements from a wide variety of angles, click here.

A WR LAW OF NATURE UNKNOWN TO MANY: "Every action-reaction in Nature is voided as it occurs is recorded as it is voided, and repeated as it is recorded."



"The trouble with humans is in forming wrong conclusions in relation to Nature’s expressions. We think, for example, that elements are different substances and that each substance is permanently existent as such. That is not true. Elements are but different conditions of light pressures. They are the raw materials for the fashioning of Creation’s images in the patterns controlled by light waves. They appear when the pressure necessary for their conditions appear and disappear when those pressure conditions cease. Every element in each octave occupies its own pressure position in its wave. Each element seems to be a different substance as the electric pressure conditions of each position in each wave of matter changes. However, it is not the substance that changes, it is the condition of the substance.

Voidance and re-creation is one of the simplest and most obvious principles of Nature. I cannot imagine how it has escaped discovery during the centuries. Oxygen, for example, is voided when you breathe it in. You produce a condition that calls for the pattern of carbon dioxide, and oxygen, as raw material, is as voided as though it never was. Iron, likewise, voids oxygen and oxygen voids iron by rusting. And so it goes all down through the octave waves."  ~ Walter Russell4





A very interesting article that recently came out titled, The Secret to Making Concrete That Lasts 1,000 Years, explores several of the same scientific processes that the earth uses to generate endless supplies of primary water.

In fact, one could rightfully refer to pockets within the earth as operating like a churning concrete mixer. In volcanos, this churning combines with extreme heat and creates magma (liquid rock), which erupts onto the surface as lava. This is one of the reasons why volcanos are known to be excellent and especially abundant sources of primary water. And as you will read below, the real Laws of Thermodynamics that operate in volcanos are not limited but continually cycle through all of nature, making primary water available worldwide.




Now, let's look at what exactly concrete is and how it differs from cement. While concrete is the most common material beyond water on the surface of the planet, a natural version of this same process is also constantly churning about within the earth. As so within, so without.


"While the terms are often used interchangeably, cement and concrete are, in fact, not the same thing. Infrequently used on its own, cement is actually an ingredient in concrete. For example, your home’s slab foundation is likely made of concrete, and the concrete was made with cement, plus other ingredients. Concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregate, and water.


Cement is a binder manufactured from a mixture of iron, aluminum, silicon, calcium, and other substances that are found in limestone, shells, chalk, clay, iron ore, and silica sand. These “ingredients” that are heated to a very high temperature to create a rock-like substance that is ground into an extremely fine powder—cement. Cement is then mixed with water and aggregate to form concrete."


Naturally, this concrete erodes over time. And it is water that expedites that process along:


"Water is the leading cause of concrete deterioration and degradation. Concrete paving is quite porous in its design, which allows water, especially rainwater, to seep into the structure and degrade it over time. The water volume rises when it freezes, which pushes and separates the rocks, ultimately causing erosion when temperatures dip. This cycle is what causes the concrete structure to degrade over time and develop large cracks as the pores in the pavement will expand over time."


But is this breakdown avoidable by adjusting the elements involved and harmonizing them also with the elements of the area the concrete is being constructed in and how those elements may be transmuted over time? The Romans rightfully thought so. In contrast to the concrete being produced today, here's how Roman concrete works:




"Theirs was created with volcanic ash, lime and seawater, taking advantage of a chemical reaction Romans may have observed in naturally cemented volcanic ash deposits called tuff rocks.


Mixed in with the volcanic ash mortar was more volcanic rock as aggregate, which would then continue to react with the material, ultimately making Roman cement far more durable than you'd think it should be.


In a previous research project led by Jackson, the team had already gathered samples of Roman marine concrete from several ports along the Italian coast.


Now the researchers mapped the samples using an electron microscope, before drilling down to an extremely high resolution with X-ray microdiffraction and Raman spectroscopy. With these advanced techniques they could identify all the mineral grains produced in the ancient concrete over centuries.


"We can go into the tiny natural laboratories in the concrete, map the minerals that are present, the succession of the crystals that occur, and their crystallographic properties," says Jackson.


"It's been astounding what we've been able to find."

Jackson was particularly interested in the presence of aluminous tobermorite, a hardy silica-based mineral that's actually pretty rare and difficult to make in the lab, yet is abundant in the ancient concrete.


As it turns out, aluminous tobermorite and a related mineral called phillipsite actually grows in the concrete thanks to the sea water sloshing around it, slowly dissolving the volcanic ash within and giving it space to develop a reinforced structure from these interlocking crystals.


"The Romans created a rock-like concrete that thrives in open chemical exchange with seawater," says Jackson."


In others words, rather than leaning on the many yet to be seen fallacies in today's popularized "quantum science", the Romans, in terms of their constructive abilities, relied on the same principles and forces that nature herself utilizes. These include the real Laws of Thermodynamics which are true to nature, and explained clearly by genius Walter Russell below:




All matter is actually accelerated electricity in perpetual motion. Elements are constantly cycled and recycled from the interior of the earth to the exterior. The soil we grow our food in is a composite of recycled earth material that involves all life.


"Water and soil are decayed and dying rocks. They are literally dead rocks. Out of death in Nature, life springs. And when life above ground is dead it gives new life to the death of the earth. These are all things which mankind must know."


~ Walter Russell


With this true to nature understanding of elements as our foundation, it's now not hard to imagine how the different elements within the earth are constantly transmuted due to these natural cycles of heating and cooling that create variant pressures subject to certain responses that can be mapped and measured. .


These natural transmutations cause materials below us to either build up or break down depending on the resonance of the materials involved, the geology of the area, and what sort of pressures are being exerted that effect that area. And we know from the real Laws of Thermodynamics (listed below) that pressures are inherently involved in these processes:


"Cold compresses. Compression multiplies cold into heat. Heat expands. Extension divides heat into cold."


So what exactly is cold compressing that multiplies into heat, expands, extends, and then divides into cold again? They are the elements around us and within us. And what exactly are elements? They are different conditions of light pressures. How is pressure exerted? It's exerted by cooling. And so it goes. On and on and on...


This is something that also happens within us all as our body is a microcosm of the cosmos; an alchemical factory that does amazing things like turn the leafy greens we eat into nitrate, which becomes nitrite as we digest them, and then convert to nitric oxide once digested - and nitric oxide is an amazing lubricant for muscles that most professional athletes are quite keen on.



This same alchemical electricity is always at work everywhere in Nature, and is in essence, how countless billion tons of primary water are constantly being generated in vast underground networks inside the sphere we exist on and call earth. This sphere, as all others, is really a mass of spinning motion held in form by wavefields which surround and support it. 

Gravity​ is involved in the production of primary water. Unfortunately, mainstream science still believes that gravity is a force that holds things together from the inside but that is simply not true. To rightfully understand gravity, we can think of it as God's mind in creation as it exerts no force to either attract or repel as it is God's still magnetic light projected into all of creation. And God's projection booth for this planet with - it's creative radar mirror - is located in the womb of the earth - where the blueprints of nature are constantly re-projected into form should the conditions for that projection be the right ones. See below charts:


The New Thermodynamics

First Law: Cold generates energy. Heat radiates energy. Cold multiplies. It cannot be divided. Heat divides. It cannot be multiplied.

Second Law: Every reaction must be preceded by its equal action. Heat is the reaction of cold. Heat could not come into existence save for the compressive action of cold. (The law of entropy, therefore, has no  place in nature.)

Third Law: Cold and heat express their opposition at angles of 90° from each other. Cold extends along axis and the axis of all bodies of creating matter where rotation is minimum, while heat expansion is maximum at equatorial planes where speed of motion is maximum.

Fourth Law: Cold compresses. Compression multiplies cold into heat. Heat expands. Expansion divides heat into cold. Cold and heat, like life and death, constitute a wave cycle. In all nature there is no effect which is not wave created, and all waves are cyclic. (Again, I repeat, that the law of entropy, and the belief that energy does not run "up-hill", have no place in nature.)

Fifth Law: When motion begins heat begins. This entire universe is a varied measure of the heat of motion. This entire wave universe is a varied measure of heat and motion. Long low waves of low heat potential constitute the invisible light spectrum, while short high waves of high heat potential and low frequencies constitute the visible spectrum.

Sixth Law: The emergence of heating matter in motion from the static cold of space begins at the indigo-blue and blue-violet ends of the spectrum and builds up to the white centered yellow, through red and green, until the maximum heat equatorial plane is re-active at an angle of 90° from the static axis of cold.

Note: The import of the spectrum has been very much neglected in man's cosmogony of a universe which consists of only one thing - LIGHT.

true to nature Laws of Thermodynamics have been proven to be valid and workable through the invention and success of

Walter's Optic Dynamo Generator:

"In the fall of 1959, General Chapman, Colonel Fry, Major Sargent, Major Cripe, and others from NORAD in Colorado Springs, attended a meeting at Swannanoa, Virginia (University of Science and Philosophy) at the invitation of Walter Russell. At this meeting Russell explained the workings of a device he proposed to build to take advantage of the vacuum state energy, and the two directional movement of energy from gravitation, (generation), to radiation, (degeneration). During the following year Russell, his wife, Lao, and their assistants built the device. The prototype that was built consisted of two sets of dual and magnetically-sexed coils. On September 10, 1961, Walter and Lao Russell reported to their contacts at NORAD, that the coils had worked and that the President of the United States could announce to the world that a "greater, safer power than atomic energy" could be provided for industry and transportation. After giving the device over to the U.S. Government, Dr. Russell refolded a year and a half later on May 19, 1963. The Russell Optic Dynamo-Generator was never released to the public." ~ University of Science & Philosophy


"We have proven the validity of our concept by making a simple small scale working model which is now supplying all the heat, light and power needed for our four story 52 room University. Our reactor generates much more power than needed for whatever purpose intended, so enough of that surplus is taken off from its generator to motivate the reactor in perpetuity.

Nuclear reactors need whole buildings for operation while ours occupies no more space than a furnace or oil heating plant to house its reactor, its steam-turbine and its generator. The nuclear reactor must be prevented from harming humans by building great concrete walls around it, while ours is perfectly harmless and occupies so little space that the one which operates at our headquarters occupies hardly more than six cubic feet, has no moving parts, and weighs not more than four hundred pounds, exclusive of its small steam turbine and generator.

It is needless to say that such a simple, mobile, light and power producing machine would not only effect the whole world-economy, but would be the first step in bringing abundance of the necessities for human existence to every nation on the face of this earth."  ~Walter & Lao (Mrs. Russell) Russell




The Double Slit Experiment Resolved! Thanks to Walter Russell's Cosmogeny (WRC)


The purpose of this presentation is to explain the infamous Double Slit Experiment (DSE) in a spirit promoted by Walter Russell (WR), and to offer his gift of truth and clarity in simple, plain language as proposed at the Copenhagen interpretation of 1926.


Results of the DSE :

  • ‘particles’ + 1 slit = single narrow band pattern

  • ‘particles’ + 2 slits = 2 single narrow parallel bands

  • wave + 1 slit  = diffused (wide) band pattern similar to the ‘particle’ + 1 slit condition

  • wave + 2 slits = interference pattern

  • electrons + 1 slit = single narrow band

  • electrons + 2 slits  + sufficient time = interference pattern. How can pieces of ‘matter’/electrons generate an interference pattern

  • electrons + 2 slits when observed result in the pattern reverting back to the narrow band pattern. The observer affects result.

The Double Slit Experiment forms the corner stone of quantum physics. It has spawned the birth of weird and fanciful theories; “string theory”, “black holes” to name but a few. Assumptions are made during the DSE and the inferences of those results have been wildly exaggerated because of a fundamental misunderstanding of what lies in plain sight. Quantum physics is built on foundations of sand. If the Natural Law “as above -so below” is true, then the physics that describes the macro universe also describes the micro/quantum universe. There can be no place where one type of physics ends and another begins!

Science has attended a magic show and seen, with their own eyes, the magician saw the assistant in two. They have since come away from that magic show and postulated, formulated and presented the methods and techniques used by the magician to achieve his feats of macro surgery.
Many prodigious careers have been carved out by promoting such constructs when the entire illusion is simple to explain and once understood makes it seem incredible how science was so easily deceived.

There is no excuse though, for general science, to ignore alternate perspectives (Bohm, Arp) in preference of incomplete and illogical paths just because they don’t comply with the current paradigm.

Science is also hampered by the fractured architecture of the scientific community, the left hand, not aware of what the right hands is doing!

This new insight will avoid too much scientific jargon and will be presented so that the layman can judge his learned peers in a new light!

The work of Walter Russell, Newton and Johann vonGoethe hold the keys to the magicians trick...." CONTINUE READING HERE

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