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Primary Water Locating Videos:


Although there are a variety of rigs equipped to drill for primary water, the  Foremost DR-24 is a perfect choice. It can handle any type of geologic formations. These rigs are in use all over the world and strong enough to penetrate the rocky surfaces that primary water is under. This is a crucial thing to keep in mind when choosing a driller. Make sure you ask them if they are equipped to drill through solid rock as a majority of drillers still have not heard of primary water and are accustomed to only drilling for groundwater supplies. You can also direct them here for further information.

Primary Water Drilling Videos:

Also, keep in mind that drillers and drilling companies are like many other professions - there are a wide range of varying skill sets. Some drillers also dowse or have a background in geology or hydrology; while there are others only concerned with the technical aspects of the actual drilling. Unfortunately, drillers drilling into dry holes is all too common and that does not offset any of the costs. Customers are still required to pay the driller by the foot even when water is not found. This is why it helps immensely to hire a primary water locating specialist or a dowser well versed in it. And also why having a comprehensive understanding of the geology of the area is key. You want to be able to direct the driller where to drill, at what depth the water is, and the projected flow rate. Most drillers charge by the foot, and the rate is generally higher to drill through rock than soil. So depending on where your primary water is located, and what the ground consists of above it, the cost can vary greatly. According to an article on

$15 – $25 Per Foot (Drilling Only)
$25 – $61 Per Foot (Complete Install)
$3,750 – $15,300 (Average Cost)

The average cost to put in a new water well is $3,750 to $15,300 while installing a well and septic system costs $6,000 to $20,000. Well drilling costs $25 to $65 per foot for a complete installation, or $15 to $25 per foot just to drill.


You can call around for estimates from well drilling companies near you. Many drillers in California, and potentially in other areas as well, are booked out months in advance so plan as wisely as possible according to your timeline and don't be afraid to ask questions!

Please keep in mind that the costs reflected above are not set in stone and vary from state to state. There are also drillers to be found that offer payment plans and financing. And the more 'do it yourself' methods you can employ, the more you can decrease the cost, and these decreases can be significant. Just remember there are vital aspects that you need to consider in terms of keeping contaminants away, and other issues that require technical applications if the end goal is a productive and sturdily built well connected to an integrated water system. We found an excellent diagram of a well-pump and pressure-tank system here.

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