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Turn Your Backyard into a Food Forest & Join a Growing Revolution

Updated: Jul 19

With a food crisis looming and more breakdowns occurring in supply chains, many of us are reading the signs of the times and realizing the importance of being more self-reliant. Clearly, a government that is at war with it's own people, is not one we should be relying on for anything substantial. But this has been the plan, set forth years ago and known to many as The Great Reset. Thankfully, we all have the power to completely reject this dystopian future and that's exactly what a growing number of us are doing.

In fact, many people are seeing these times as great opportunities to create positive changes in their life and the world as a whole. And this certainly is the inspiration behind a variety of cooperative communities and inspiring individuals concentrated on creating food forests in backyards, schools, and communities all around the world.

Food Forests are regenerative and also allow for food independence. In addition, the food grown in food forests from nature is whole, healthy, and vitalizing - quite a contrast for what they are passing off as "food" in many grocery stores.

We are also helping to restore nature and learning important life skills. There is a real joy in taking responsibility for one's resources and truly living in liberty!

Thankfully, food forests all around the world is a beautiful vision held by a growing number of us and it has already found worldwide success for many as you will see in the videos below. This is the Food Forest Revolution!

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
~ Buckminster Fuller

Here's how Project Food Forest explains exactly what a food forest is:

A food forest, also called a forest garden, is a diverse planting of edible plants that attempts to mimic the ecosystems and patterns found in nature.
Food forests are three dimensional designs, with life extending in all directions – up, down, and out.
Generally, we recognize seven layers of a forest garden – the overstory, the understory, the shrub layer, the herbaceous layer, the root layer, the ground cover layer, and the vine layer. Some also like to recognize the mycelial layer, layer eight (mushrooms).
Using these layers, we can fit more plants in an area without causing failure due to competition


This may sound like too much work for many, but it's not near as difficult as most may assume and you can do it whether you live in the desert or in a extremely cold climate. In fact, it's how nature operates as this incredible organization Afforest knows well. When we correctly comprehend and copy nature's patterns, forests once established do the work all on their own. No matter what climate zone you live in, you can still create an abundant food forest. Here is a popular forest growing methodology:

The Miyawaki Technique is a unique methodology proven to work worldwide, irrespective of soil and climatic conditions. More than 3,000 forests have been successfully created worldwide using this methodology.
Up to 30 times more dense compared to conventional plantations.
30 times better noise and dust reduction.
Up to 30 times better Carbon-dioxide absorption as compared to a monoculture plantation.
A completely maintenance-free, wild and native forest after the first three years.
A completely chemical and chemical fertilizer free forest that sustains itself and supports local bio-diversity.

A food forest was created in May 2019 at Puliyarakonam, Thiruvananthapuram, following the Miyawaki method of afforestation. This forest got off to a good start by using fast-growing, fruit-bearing plant saplings and employing techniques like dense planting, mixed planting, preparation of the seedbed using the potting mixture, and mulching, as recommended by Professor Dr. Akira Miyawaki for afforestation.

“Don’t let others tell you what you can’t do. Don't let the limitations of others limit your vision. If you can remove your self-doubt and believe in yourself, you can achieve what you never thought possible.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

It becomes increasingly clear that in order to copy nature correctly, we need a correct understanding of the laws she operates by. This is very challenging in this day and age as "science" has become quite convoluted and politicized. And in regards to understanding climates properly and really taking this to the highest potential, we need to have the True Laws of Thermodynamics in our tool box. You can learn more about these more advanced scientific understandings toward the bottom of our Water Liberty Project page.


In the below TED Talk, How to Grow a 100-Year-Old Forest in Your Backyard in Just 10 Years, Shubhendu Sharma lays out his view of working with nature, not against in order to plant and nurture mini-forests that can increase local biodiversity, improve air quality, grow food for humans and wildlife alike, and provide shade and sanctuary in suburbs, office parks, factories, or schoolyards. Simply add edible plants and trees instead to create a food forest!

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There are several other more unconventional methods that help plants to grow at accelerated rates. We will be writing another article about this soon.


“Hold the vision, trust the process.” ~ Anonymous

Thankfully, there have been many individuals and communities inspired by nature to create abundant living systems that nourish the whole. Here is a wonderful food forest tour by Will Tuttle's lovely wife Madeline. Will is a former zen monk and author of The World Peace Diet.

Will and Madeline embody the principles of love and compassion. They live it truly and it is reflected in their whole being. Enjoy this wonderful saunter in their food forest in glorious bloom! May it inspire you to get growing... :-)


Here's another helpful video from a very inspiring plantbased youtube channel, MY FOOD FOREST. Enjoy the peace and calmness felt here:

THE EARTH REPAIRIAN also has several helpful and instructive videos on his channel as well. His videos are lively, fun, and engaging! In this below video, he also shares some great ideas about WATER and how he integrates it into his food forest for maximum benefit:

GREAT FAMILY FOOD FOREST VIDEO for cold climates! Dad is an engineer as well and very passionate about gardening. He's done an incredible job here! They have tremendous variety and abundant food harvests fit for the whole family:

5 YEAR OLD FOOD FOREST IN THE DESERT with specially created Climate Zones!

Interested in Water Independence as well? Click below to go to learn about the vast supplies of earth-generated primary water available to all: