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May 2022 Energy Forecast & Frequency Art from Intuitive Counselor, Heather Mays

Updated: May 18, 2022

I'm quite grateful to have found the incredible energy and art of Heather Mays, an Intuitive Counselor, Animal Communicator, and Energy Healer for Pets and People. Heather designed this amazing geometric art for May 2022. The theme for this month is SYNTHESIS. It's about connection and creativity! For more information, Heather gives her entire forecast for the month of May in the video below...


Connecting with Heather's work now is so synchronistic as I have found myself pondering the nature of creation often lately and how these beautiful geometric patterns play such a foundational role. Years ago when Dr. Emoto released the intricate patterns he was discovering in water, I immediately began making my own t-shirt designs with positive messages - knowing of course, that we are composed mostly of water.

Master Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda also wrote of the geometrical patterns in space in his Autobiography of a Yogi in the chapter called The Law of Miracles. He states that what many know as the ether is not an empty void of space, but filled with geometric wave forms.

These wave forms are what Nikola Tesla simply called standing waves. And they are ubiquitous!

Genius Walter Russell, a friend of Tesla's, whose knowledge he surpassed also talked of an advanced Space Geometry that future man would discover, and that upon this discovery, be able to make great advances. You can learn more about this in Russell's groundbreaking, yet extremely unpopular book, A New Concept of the Universe.

This book holds the Truth about the real nature of our Universe, and the Divine components that make it ELECTRIC, not quantum - which is why both Tesla and Russell opposed Quantum theory. Although there are bits of Truth involved in Quantum theory, it has become way too convoluted and laced with lies, resulting in the majority of people still struggling to see through it. This, of course, is nothing we should judge people harshly for.

Whenever I see the word Quantum, I simply replace it with the word ELECTRIC.


Now back to Heather and her beautiful art work. She's also developed an effective method for tuning into the frequency fields of others:

"See yourself in a new light and get a completely unique view into your energy with an energetic signature portrait.
This is YOUR sacred geometry activating your next level of ascension and expansion. I work with your guides, angels and ancestors to create these pieces, embedding each with healing and activation codes specific to your journey." ~ Heather Mays

"I sit in ceremony with your Higher Self (and guides, ancestors, and loved ones) and translate the colors, shapes, light codes, and textures that come through during that time.
Clients have powerful reactions to these pieces. Many feel tingling or buzzing. Some feel dizzy or come to tears. Others feel a sense of deja vu because the symbols and colors feel so familiar and resonant. Some may feel uncomfortable with their portraits and dislike the colors or patterns that appear. These pieces are designed to facilitate healing. Healing is not always comfortable. Your portrait may hold messages that you are not yet willing to see or explore within yourself.
You can use your sacred artwork in meditation as a map for a crystal grid, or to prompt journaling exercises.
A dynamic representation of YOU, the Energetic Signature Portrait is a powerful tool of connection and healing." ~ Heather Mays


Check out her entire forecast for May below. I also highly recommend a perusal of her intuitive art, which you can view and order here.

"Hey Radiant Souls!..." :-)

Visit Heather's website:

Learn more about Walter Russell's Electric Universe Cosmology @ The Water Liberty Project:

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