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Important Water Alert & Call to Action

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

As plans and agendas intended to control the flow of natural resources begin to take effect in our lives, it's important that we understand our natural and inherent rights as Children of God and how best to stand up for them. One of these is our right to freely access clean water, which we actually have a proven abundance of.

"Water must be free for sustenance needs. Since nature gives water to us free of cost, buying and selling it for profit violates our inherent right to nature's gift and denies the poor of their human rights."
~ Vandana Shiva

Many governments around the world have in lock-step developed their own "Climate Action Plans" ("CAPS") and these now being rolled out around the world, and already negatively impacting some counties here in the USA. We shared the following news about this in our recent article 7 Ways to Harvest Water from Air:

For example, here in Arizona, an entire community is being completely cut off from the city of Scottsdale water supply. We talked to one of the agents there who told us directly that this cut off is happening so they can adhere to their designated "Climate Action Plan" which requires them to reduce water usage by a targeted time. And California also just adopted new, tougher water restrictions. In addition, a district in New York has "mandated" strict new irrigation "rules" in which they claim they have the right to prohibit resident's watering their properties to only in between 10am and 4pm. A county in Nevada has put out a notice limiting residents to watering on designated "assigned days" only. These actions are planned country-wide but that doesn't necessarily mean that they will be successful. We all have important roles to play if we want to maintain any real liberty in our lives; learning how to become responsible for our resources is one of them. At the very least, we should be holding those meant to serve us accountable.

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To those of us in the USA, our God-given rights are also backed lawfully by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Get to know these documents well. You will learn that the County Sheriff is the leading Law Enforcement Official of their counties and parishes, and above any city funded (and often city controlled) police officers. The County Sheriff does not need to answer to the mayor, governor, president or anyone from the military industrial complex.

The County Sheriffs answer and serve the people alone as they are highest authority of the land, other than God the Father of course. County Sheriffs have the power and right to tell the feds to back off in the interest of the people they serve. Unfortunately, many sheriffs do not live up to their job descriptions and oaths, but there are some very strong and admirable ones who do and have.

So say you decide you want to drill a well but the county regulations won't allow it. If you have good reason, and a strong Constitutional Sheriff, they can usurp all other authorities and guard your right to drill that well. These are godly, brave men with noble hearts and powerful minds.


Since governments around the world have all been sent the same "memo" on "Climate Change" & "Action Plans", other countries are rolling out similar strategies in order to "secure global water security" - a pretty meaningless buzz statement that assumes water scarcity, but nonetheless - a majority are going along with it, and many because they simply do not know better.
Let's help educate them!

"Recognizing that global water security is essential to U.S. national security, this Action Plan lays out an innovative, whole-of-government approach to this challenge. It identifies key pillars of this approach that address the full scope of global water issues and will mobilize departments and agencies around concrete actions to achieve our vision of a water-secure world.

The Action Plan will be operationalized through the U.S. Global Water Strategy (GWS), 'mandated' (*aka as UNLAWFUL) by the Congress in the Senator Paul Simon Water for the World Act of 2014; the next revision of the GWS will be submitted to the Congress in early fall 2022 as directed.

The approach emphasizes the need to explicitly link water security to national security to improve global resilience; elevate data-driven methods; use resources more efficiently; and work in partnership with states, Tribes, local governments, and Indigenous peoples, as well as non-governmental entities including the private sector." ~Whitehouse Action Plan on Global Water Security


"American Water Works Association (AWWA) created the Climate Change Committee under the Water Resources Sustainability Division to prepare its members for the “new normal” scenario (*no thanks!), in which the potential effects of climate change must be considered for long-term sustainability of our local, regional, national, and global water resources. The manual aims to help small and mid-sized utilities develop climate action plans to address adaptation and mitigation strategies countering the impact of climate change" ~ American Water Works Association CAP


Please help The Water Liberty Project get the word out! We are asking as many people as possible to share the above article and below links and resources. We also encourage you to talk about it with others in person. It's easy and fun to find ways to strike up conversations with people about something we all need, water. You never know what bright ideas may pop up when minds meet on these matters:

Primary Water Can Solve the World's Water Crisis

Thanks to the Abundance of Primary Water, it is now possible to literally 'green' deserts, reversing desertification, turning these arid areas into lush, food producing regions, fit for all life to thrive, in harmony with the living land that provides pristine, primary, earth-generated water, from the very mantle of our world.

The 2022 Primary Water Magazine by The Primary Water Institute

Moses was perhaps the first primary water hydrologist. After wandering for 40 years in the wilderness, the Israelites were getting thirsty:
“Moses lifted up his hand, and with his rod he smote the rock twice: and the water came out abundantly, and the congregation drank, and their beasts also.” (Numbers 20:11)
~The Primary Water Magazine, Page 55

The Water Liberty Project

Primary Water is the solution to the many water woes the world is currently facing. And it is with hope and love for ALL life that this message of Primary Water is shared. May all who come to this project be enlightened and encouraged by the Truth about the abundant & constantly creative power of nature. There are no real water shortages, but because primary water has been suppressed, most are unaware of it's existence. Please help us spread the word and share the good news about the vast supplies of earth-generated water available to all!


These so-called "Climate Action Plans" are based on intentionally skewed science and will in no real way help the environment. We've been sold an outrageous lie in regards to CO2. There are highly skilled social engineers and psychologists behind this operation who are playing on people's love of nature and desire to help; as well as people's fear of environmental destruction. All sorts of sneaky techniques are used and some of these are more difficult to discern than others.

Then there are the heavily indoctrinated "climate experts" who have been conditioned to believe that nature's patterns can be reflected in computerized algorithms that spit out completely unfounded data on CO2 levels around the world. Their methods are remniscent of the"COVID19" VIROLOGISTS:

Hopefully, they will all become our allies once they realize that they have been manipulated and used to serve an evil agenda - an agenda that cares not for them or their families and which they too will become victims of if they do not act on their own conscience and instead, continue to do the biddings of others.

Because the truth is that many of these scientists and government workers are really intelligent, good people who do truly want to help. In addition, many of them are loving individuals with families and children they too want to see thrive. Once they realize how compartmentalized and controlled information has become, and that they have become a part of an agenda they never agreed to, great awakenings will happen and we need to be there to support these people, instead of continuing to shake our fists and wag our fingers at them.

That's why it's best that we avoid name calling and also be willing to listen to whatever it is they need to get off their chest. Then we can let them know that we may have even bought into the "Climate Crisis" (or "COVID 19") lies at first, but upon further information, changed our mind as well. I've had the opportunity to meet several people engaged in water issues here in Arizona through photographing water conferences and attending events, such as the informative 2021 Agribusiness Water Conference & a really cool Women in Water Awards Event. In just a couple weeks, I will be attending a political event put on by my friends at, armed of course with a stack of Primary Water Magazines.

From my own personal experience, I can tell you that these are all real people who are faced with some daunting challenges and immense pressures from all sides. And I would encourage you all to get active and involved in your local community and approach these people as directly and kindly as possible.

When we start to see that politics is really about people, and it's the people with the power to change them as we see fit, it becomes harder to lay blame. It's so easy to over generalize and judge these days, that we too often forget that we are all unique individuals with various challenges. And to avoid the stomping boot of world domination, we need to help maintain positive people power with integrity and strength, and we need to do this at a local level if we are to protect our counties, our states, and our nation. America was founded as the land of the free and the brave. We've got to start living up to that if we want to maintain any semblance of it.

So it will help us all to realize that these people following the dictates from their chain of command are not evil themselves, though they are effected by it as we all are. Instead of harshly judging them, we can choose compassion and humility; There But For The Grace Of God Go I. This is a good attitude to internalize and will help so many that have been led astray.


Because really, think about it. How do scientists measure this gas, which is an inherent part of nature and connected to all life cycles on this planet? Is it possible to get an accurate measurement for a gas that is a temporary form of further transmutations and not at all in a static state? For those of us who have actually studied real science in depth, it's completely ridiculous to believe that man today has the ways and means to measure CO2 as claimed, and even more so, turn it into a scary boogeyman!

Carbon & CO2 are the elements of life and they contribute greatly to green growth. The entire emissions narrative is a complete inversion of reality. It's an outright attack against nature and the beautiful harmonics she represents. And it's high time that people know the Truth!

If you are truly interested in helping the environment, consider adding more CO2 as many green house growers know, it contributes to healthy plant growth which in turn, helps all nature, including us humans who rely on these plants for oxygen.

All surfers naturally know that all motion is curved, and all curvature is spiral - it's a principle they've become one with just from surfing waves. This motion is in fact what matter really is - spinning and spiraling motion creating the illusive effects of physicality; held in form by invisible cubic wave-fields. And it is also how elements such carbon come in to being and dissolve out of being.

“To know the mechanics of the wave, is to know the entire secret of Nature.”
Walter Russell

In fact, when one takes the time to really observe nature closely, we see these spirals everywhere throughout nature, which we all are a part of whether we recognize it or not. It's quite obvious that today's reductionist-based science does not reflect nature's true patterns and is in great need of advancement.

How wonderful that true scientific understanding has still been brought into our world through the Divinely Attuned minds of Walter Russell and Nikola Tesla who were friends and danced to the beat of their own drums. Of course, we do not learn about these men in our education systems since there's an agenda there too. However, the information is available online for those who want to do their own research. It helps also to sit in stillness with this in meditation - both are greatly encouraged.

You can also learn about some of these more advanced scientific principles, including how elements (such as carbon) and isotopes really operate, at & The Water Liberty Project.



The time is NOW ~

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