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Every Day Choices the Laws of Cause & Effect

Updated: Mar 9

There are Cosmic Laws of Cause & Effect at play in creation that if excessively breached, invite Divine Intercession. God's Laws cannot remain ignored without consequence.

Many of us have witnessed the extremely violent, heart-wrenching, and horrific conditions that the so-called "Great Reset" has brought about in our world, using fabricated "viruses" and incredibly unscientific "climate action" plans in an all-out effort to bring a dystopian future into being. In reality, those who are pushing this agenda on others, will be the one's to experience it themselves.


What we do to others, including animals, comes full circle and cycles through our own lives.

If we want to be truly free, we must make sincere and repetitive efforts to redeem ourselves and break free from these karmic cycles that so many of us are caught up in, and often not by our own free choosing, but simply because of the cultural conditions we are born into.

These conditions include animal "agriculture" which is actually animal exploitation and it's holding us back more than many realize. What better way for a few power hungry people to utilize yet another control mechanism to have power over the many. Simply get the many addicted to eating those they are meant to protect. Because dominion, when understood truly, is about care and compassion for all life, not selfishness and control of all life.

For all life has purpose and just like every person, each animal has their own purpose as well. When we steal their lives, we take this away from them and unknowingly cripple ourselves as well.

"When we make other animals into 'livestock', we unfortunately become 'livestock' ourselves."
~Will Tuttle, Former Zen Monk and Author of The World Peace Diet

And as world renowned scientist Cleve Backster discovered, plants too have purpose. You can learn more about Backster's work in the extraordinary book The Secret Life of Plants:

There's another book where the purpose of plants are discussed as well.

"And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food."
~ GENESIS 1.29


This is why having a good foundational understanding of Cosmic Law (aka Natural Law, Divine Law & Universal Law) and the Laws of Cause & Effect (aka karma) can be so helpful in our world. And why it's important for one to correct themselves and remediate any negative karma that has accrued throughout how ever many lifetimes that soul has lived. Unfortunately, this is not something that is taught in most schools!

Nor do we learn about the true forces of nature and how they operate, or that we are intimately connected with them. We are taught to disconnect ourselves from nature, to control nature, to use nature only for the benefit of man. And when it comes to animals, we are taught that it's just fine to love our furry friends at home, but if we meet this same friend in the wild or on our dinner plates, then it just fine to hunt or eat them. The impact this has on people's psyches and ability to discern Truth is clearly seen in today's world. It results in mass confusion and separation within for many individuals.

Most children are taught that it is okay to harm others as long as those others are animals that they do not personally know. But if that same animal they do not know is filmed in some dire condition, then rescue efforts ensue and it's funny how people love being heroes whenever there are cameras around! If we want to move forward and continue to evolve positively, we need to be real and honest with ourselves about these things and start treating all creatures with dignity and respect, even when no one is looking. What an incredible opportunity to change ourselves for the better and transform our world in the process! After all, we really are all ONE.

“When the intelligent and animal souls are held together in one embrace, they can be kept from separating.”
Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

It also helps in understanding that what we put out there, we are fully responsible for. Clearly, most people are completely unaware of this and social media is the perfect environment to spread the bane of false information, or what many are calling "fake news".

Misinformation is understandable as we are just beginning to rise out of a very dark age and in a constant learning and unfolding process - yet please realize that we are still fully responsible for sharing it and will reap the consequences. Hence, ignorance is NOT bliss, and one should make every effort to overcome it. But disinformation put out there - information one knows is wrong, unethical, and immoral - is even worse and often has extreme and tragic results.

Never be afraid to change your mind and delete posts. If you've hurt someone intentionally, do your best to make amends. There is a popular term for this in Hawai`i called Pono, which simply means to make things right. Now is the time to Pono all things out of balance in one's life.

Humbleness is a virtue that welcomes the Grace of God's prophetic powers.

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