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Rice for Birds? 

Rice is a great source of nutrition for birds. Some people believe that rice can cause birds to get sick, but this is not true. Rice is a complex carbohydrate and contains many nutrients that are beneficial to birds. It also helps to hydrate them due to the high water content. 

*DISCLAIMER: In Response to a City Ordinance making it illegal to feed pigeons & doves on both public & private property, let it be known that any photos showing doves eating food put out for them was from 2020-2022 and before I was made aware of this ordinance.

Frontyard Cat Friends


“I have lived with several Zen masters -- all of them cats.”

Ekhart Tolle


Sara, Gracie, Cal, Morris, Bobo, Newby, Nala, Knight, Sweets, & Tobi:


It all started with sweet Sara. She showed up in our garage about a year ago. She was hungry and homeless so I started to put food out for her. Before I knew it, there were ten hungry cats waiting outside our door daily!


The newest addition is Newby, hence his namesake. He is a very friendly and confident cat. I've grown close with Sara and Cal (my pal!) and I try to spend time with them when I can. It seems that these two come for both affection and food and I really do enjoy giving both! Nala and Knight are both amazing cats, but quite skittish. They are from a large little of all black kitties that roam our neighborhood. I know that a few of my other neighbors put out food for their other siblings.


There is something very stoic about both Morris and Gracie. They are always lounging in the beds and cat houses I have set up for them. Sometimes Nala is there too snuggling with Morris. Bobo has taken up the swing seat outside our front door. He's a very funny and loud cat. He meows more than anyone else and can even howl. It's hilarious! Sweets spends a lot of time on our roof and climbs down from there on the tree she's pictured in below. She's a beautiful cat with the most striking eyes.


Tobi is a friend of Bobo's and sometimes sleeps next to the swing on a small bath mat I set out for them. They have these very funny face offs in our driveway. All of them love to climb on my car so there are always paw prints on my windows now. I love it and feel so grateful to be able to care for these ten incredible cats!